Weather Risks

Heavy Downpours/Flooding/Gusty Winds


Latest model data increases the risk of large rainfall totals across higher routes in N Lancashire but in particular across Cumbria too. Totals could exceed 150 mm locally in 24 hours which is more than enough to trigger an amber upgrade. Although areas lower down may not see these totals, the river systems will carry the water down to these levels and as such river levels may become high with a risk of flooding in places. The amber upgrade rates this risk from moderate to high.


Valid From: Saturday 27th Jun – 09:00

Valid to: Sunday 28th Jun – 23.00

Low pressure will anchor to the west of Scotland over the next 24 to 36 hours and with numerous wrap around weather fronts likely, further thundery downpours and persistent spells of rain will develop across the region, leading to a risk of flooding in places.

Latest in house high resolution data shows totals mounting up with over 100mm possible across parts of Cumbria and North Lancashire within the next 36 hours which will lead to surface flooding and the river systems will struggle given that sporadic downpours may dump large totals in a short space of time.

In addition to the rain, overnight tonight and through Sunday the winds will strengthen with gusts around 50mph possible along exposed coastal locations with 35 to 45 mph possible elsewhere. Under normal circumstances this risk would be minimal however, given recent rains and with trees in full leaf then the risk of tress uprooting becomes far greater than normal, as we’ve already seen in some parts of the region recently.

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