Daily Forecast

UK Forecast:

Low pressure remains in charge of the weather today and for much of the UK this will mean further unsettled conditions, especially across England and Wales where bouts of heavy rain or showers are expected through the day with some rumbles of thunder not ruled out. Gales are expected for parts of Wales and the South West too.

Parts of N Ireland will see rain come and go through the day too but across Scotland there will be a good deal of dry weather around with a few showers here and there. S Scotland however will be susceptible to periods of rain as the day progresses.

NW England:

A frontal system lingers across the region today and as such rain and showers will be the order of the day. There may be some brighter spells from time to time through the afternoon but showers will never be far away and some may be heavy with the odd rumble of thunder not ruled out.

Feeling cool today with values ranging between 7c to 13c.

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