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CW Weather Premium

Your subscription gives exclusive access to weekly, monthly and seasonal weather forecasts as well as frequently updated weather model articles looking at the weather across the United Kingdom. You will also have access to my unique and fully developed high resolution weather models, with resolutions of between 10km, 7km, 6km, and 1.2km

Another feature to hand will be a messaging system where you can ask individual questions for your bespoke needs, for example if you have a wedding coming up, or you may need a specific forecast for your holiday destination.

A lot of our forecasts are posted via Facebook group for premium members only, which is a closed group so once you are a premium member, you can click here to join or alternatively you can join the WhatsApp group by emailing with your name and Paypal transaction ID and you will receive the WhatsApp link via a return email. 

We use social media as we feel its the easiest and quickest way to reach our members rather post constant links to login sections. 

More features will be added in the future too, I’m already developing a sports betting page where advanced weather forecasts will be posted with a view to gaining a betting advantage.

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Premium Levels

Premium Monthly

Become a monthly premium member for £2.50 a month which is recurring but you can cancel at any time.

Premium 6 Months

Become a premium member for 6 months for just £14.00 which is recurring but you can cancel at the end of the period.

Premium Yearly

Become a premium yearly member for £27.50 which gives you a free month. This subscription ends after a year.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes you cancel your subscription at anytime so for example you can subscribe for one month, then cancel but join again anytime you wish. 

Yes this site is fully secure with the HTTPS encryption. Payment transfers go through the PayPal system so your payments are fully secure.

Ideally yes most of our data is supplied via a closed Facebook group but if you dont use Facebook, we also have a private WhatsApp group too. Join the usual way and then email with the transaction ID and you will get an email back with the WhatsApp link to join.

As a premium member you can as many questions as you like via the ask Stuart messenger tab. No matter how silly you may think the question is, we welcome your questions. 

No as a rule the cost is the same provided only a very few have access. If more than 5 workers need access, then we please ask for further payments. 

No, premium information must not be shared to any other non premium sites or organisations. Anybody found to be sharing information without consent will have their membership terminated immediately and may be subject to further action.