Active Tropics!!!

The tropical regions in the Atlantic and Pacific are very active at the moment with 2 hurricanes set to make landfall with 2 further storms or tropical waves active.

With all this activity it is hoped this will disturb the pattern in the north Atlantic which may bring a much needed change in the weather but as ever nothing is certain in this game.

Hurricane Douglas out in the central Pacific currently a category 2 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 110 mph (175 km/h) with higher gusts. Gradual weakening is expected to continue through the weekend. However, Douglas is still forecast to be near hurricane strength when it nears the islands of Hawaii.

The tropical Atlantic is very active with soon to be Hurricane Hanna set to make landfall in South East Texas. Hanna is on the cusp of hurricane status and is forecast to strengthen today with landfall expected this evening. Storm surges and hurricane conditions are likely.

Further out towards the West Indies we currently have tropical Storm Gonzalo but no real threat is expected from this system which is very disorganised and is expected to weaken. A tropical wave west of Africa (yellow x) is already very organised with a circulation present and with favourable conditions expected on its journey west, we could see the next named storm very soon. I have close eyes on this wave as i believe this has the potential to become a strong hurricane in the next several days.

So very active weather in the tropics and lest hope for some ripples that will give the jet stream a nudge, which may bring some better weather to the UK in the future.