Wet, Windy & Cool. Welcome Autumn!!!

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If you like your weather wet, windy & cool then the remainder of this week and indeed the start of next will be right up your street. Low pressure systems will sweep across the UK over the next several days, bringing largely unsettled and windy conditions.

The reason these low pressures will be active is the Jet Stream. A large temperature contrast around the Nova Scotia and south Greenland area will ramp up the jet and in turn the strong jet will effectively ‘beef up’ these low pressure systems. A strong jet normally runs flat and straight when in a strong phase, this shown very nicely by our GFS chart below.

Our animation below shows the rainfall and pressure for the next few days using our brand new graphics which will be available to view for free in the coming days. If you haven’t already please subscribe to our You Tube channel, it totally free and has plenty of weather information. Find it here.

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