Westerly Flow Dominates This Week, Turning Colder!!!

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Low pressure will generally dominate the weather this week with conditions remaining largely unsettled, thanks mainly to the weather coming from the west or north-west. Expect largely unsettled weather with rain and showers a plenty and the winds will continue to be blustery with gales or severe gales at times.

This is a result of a strong jet stream running across the North Atlantic which is strong as a result of a large temperature contrast with cold arctic air from Canada meeting warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, this shown nicely below.

Below are snapshots of the expected pressure through this week using both the GFS and ECMWF models.


Temperatures will vary with milder conditions to start the week but colder air will filter across the UK as the week progresses with the possibility of some wintry weather at times. More snapshots below….

As mentioned the winds will also be a feature during the week, the GFS data highlights this below.

As ever we’ll have more detail on these expected features nearer the time but you can check all the latest news and data via our website.

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