Westerly Flow To Bring Mixed Weather This Week?

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Conditions this week will continue the mixed theme we’ve seen over the weekend, as a dominant westerly flow continues to bring the weather in off the Atlantic. This will bring showers or longer spells of rain at times but the odd day will be drier with brighter spells from time to time. Come the weekend however, Autumn really kicks into full swing with the Atlantic jet ramping up, potentially bringing a spell of wet and windy weather with gales/severe gales possible.

The jet this week will flow pretty much across the UK, strengthening all the while and by weekend just look how strong it is, this will deepen low pressure systems which look set to affect the UK next weekend.

So Monday will bring a largely cloudy day with a few showers at times, although that being said there maybe a few brighter spells at times as well. Tuesday brings the next area of rain which should last much of the morning/afternoon before clearing in the evening, some showers possible afterwards but the skies will clear as well. Wednesday brings another mixed day with, variable cloud cover, some showers but also plenty of bright spells as well and in these it will feel quite pleasant. Rainfall and cloud cover for these days can be found in the animation below.


Thursday may bring another mixed day with some showers still possible given the westerly flow, although in truth the day may remain largely dry. That being said given the time frame this cant be taken as a given. Friday sees the first proper blast of Autumn kicking in with strong winds likely accompanied by squally bouts of rain and these conditions are likely to persist through much of the weekend. This shown nicely below, look how close the isobars are, indicating the possibility of gales or even severe gales.

Of course there is plenty of time between now and then so there may be some subtle changes, please be sure to keep an eye out for our updates through the coming week. You can also keep an eye on the models runs as well, these can be found here.


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