Region: North West England
Valid from: 19:00 (Tuesday 12/09/17)
Valid to: 07:00 (Wednesday 13/09/17)
Forecaster: Stuart


A yellow weather watch has been issued for STRONG WINDS & HEAVY RAIN.

A deepening area of low pressure named Storm Aileen will bring very strong winds across the region on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. Gusts in excess of 50 mph, potentially close to or over 60 mph are expected to peak late tonight and through the early morning hours, as shown below.

In addition to the strong winds heavy and at times, torrential rainfall will push into the region making conditions quite treacherous. If you have to make any journey tonight or overnight please make sure allow extra time to reach your destination. Note the yellow colours in the precipitation below, this highlighting where the heaviest rain will be.

Please be sure to keep checking our social media outlets for further updates through the day as this low is still developing and subtle changes may still occur.


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