Weather Model Blog: Brief High Then Low Pressure Returns!!!

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We have been pointing out at the potential for a high pressure to develop and edge in at some point this weekend and that still looks likely but the high wont be here for long as the latest model runs show low pressure firmly back across the UK next week.

Here is the weekend outlook with high pressure just pushing into western areas. Eastern areas still susceptible to showers. It wont be warm with a very cool airflow across the UK.

Monday sees the high still hanging on which will bring settled weather to most parts. Still cool though.

But then from mid-week low pressure is back again bringing largely unsettled conditions back across the UK.

We see very good model agreement on this which gives confidence in the forecast. September so far really has been an autumnal month which is something we haven’t seen too much over the past several years, most Septembers have been largely dry. This one certainly wont be.


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