Storm Aileen: Heavy Rain & Strong Winds!!!

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Storm Aileen has been named by the Met Office and later this evening and overnight looks set to bring a spell of strong winds along with a period of heavy rain, bringing further autumnal conditions this month, which in modern times is very unusual with most Septembers being dry.

Storm Aileen is a developing low pressure system and will still be in developmental stage approaching the UK so as such, there will be subtle changes even at this range on the track and strength. The reason for the rapid development is the jet stream, shown here interacting with Storm Aileen.

Below you can track this storm using our new precipitation and pressure graphics. Note the patches of yellow in the rainfall, indicating heavy rain.


As mentioned the winds will become strong in places with gusts well in excess of 50-60 mph at times. The graphics below highlight the risk areas but there is some model conflict so expect some changes. Its possible more of  NW England will be affected than is being shown at the moment.


More updates will be forthcoming once more data is collated.

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