Snow Risk Information!!!

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An occluded front will push through the region overnight and tomorrow morning bringing a risk of snow to some parts of the North West, which could affect the travel network.

Overall the front will weaken as it heads further inland but after looking at 850 hpa temperatures, dew points and air temperatures, there is sufficient data to suggest snow falling to low levels. Our chart highlights the snowfall in pink/purple below.

We have run some bespoke data this morning and the totals expected are not very large with only 1 to 2 cm for most with 3 to 5cm possible say above 200m. This may still be enough for a dusting or covering in places but I doubt there will be any school closures with only slight travel disruption, although should your regional councils have been well informed, then the grit will work sufficiently with the expected totals.

As ever we’ll continue to monitor and will update further if needed once the next set of data has run, this likely around 17:00.





One thought on “Snow Risk Information!!!

  • Stuart, my tweet mentioned good snow most years from 2000 to 2012/13, as recorded on video, often up to four or five inches deep here in Hampstead. Then it all stopped – for the last five years very little if any snow.This would be an interesting study. Dilley in the USA (ex NOAA) told me months ago he expected a severe snowy winter this year for us, a cyclic pattern, but admits he was wrong, and still is certain it will happen next time round. As I grew up in Birmingham until I left aged 19, I recall we so often had proper winters, but that was decades ago. !963/4 here was amazing! London almost closed down. Same 1981.

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