Snow On The Way?

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This week will remain largely mild and wet as we’ve posted about on our social media sites this week, however, come weekend we do have much colder air pushing from the NW and in addition to this some models are developing a low pressure system, that looks set to push in from the south and as it does so it bumps into this colder air, giving us a potential snow risk for the weekend across some parts of the UK.

Before we carry on however, there is high uncertainly about the area of low pressure developing, some models have it, some dont so its far from a nailed scenario. What we can say with confidence is that it will be turning much colder which is shown below. Upper air temperatures of below -4 will be ample to aid in any snowfall should this low develop.

Here is a video charting this expected low using our high resolution data, watch how the purple colours develop, this indicates snowfall. Please take into account however, that the areas shown may not be the areas that become affected (if at all) come the weekend, this low may edge further north or south. The graphics for now are just highlighting the risk.

As ever we’ll be updating further on this so be sure to keep checking our social media sites or our website for further information.


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