Mixed Weather To Continue!!!

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This week we’ll continue the mixed theme of weather we have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks. The flow in general remain from the west, thus the chances of settled weather are slim, although the odd day will be drier. In such a flow and with low pressure generally not to far away, weather fronts will pass through west to east and the winds will often gust.

High pressure clings to most southern parts of the UK so here conditions will be much more settled than elsewhere although rain or showers will still be likely here. The further north you are, then the higher risk you will have of more unsettled weather as low pressure will tend to clip northern and northwestern areas of the UK. Snapshots of the pressure pattern this week can be found below.



Using our higher resolution model for the next few days we can see good examples of how the weather will be mixed, sometimes wet, other times drier but cloudy as well at times.

Temperatures through the week are likely to remain rather stagnant yet mild with values largely running between 12c to 15c and not dropping down much overnight either, although later in the week with the chance of clear skies overnight, then we dip a few degrees lower.

Our meteogram for Manchester which can be found here, shows the temperatures nicely but also the precipitation, pressure and wind gusts.

If you want to keep an eye on all the models runs yourself you can, we have the ECMWF, GFS, GEFS, ECM/EPS & UKMET models as well as our higher resolution ARPEGE and AROME models. Find them via the main menu or click here.

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