Finally Some Drier Weather!!!

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I’m sure most of us have had enough of the rain already over the past 2 months, it seems like a long time ago since we’ve had a drier spell of weather. This may change over the next several days however, as high pressure becomes more influential across the UK, bringing less stormy weather and more in the way of settled conditions. Beyond the next several days the pattern becomes less clear and well be updating on this later today.

For now we have to get through the rest of Tuesday and despite the rain we’ve already had, more is on the way later today, again some will be heavy at times as a wriggling weather front crosses the region.

This weather front and accompanying rain band will have cleared away before the majority of us wake up on Wednesday morning and it wont be a bad start with a mixture of cloud cover and some brightness. During the course of the day more brighter spells are likely to develop as the cloud thins and breaks up but it wont feel that warm, with highs of around 13c.

Thursday will remain largely dry for most of the region, although there may be more in the way of cloud cover around and this may be thick enough to produce the odd spot of light rain or drizzle across Pennine areas. Again not a warm day by any means with temperatures hovering around the seasonal average, expect values between 10c to 12c.

Friday promises to bring another bright day but of course there is time for subtle changes yet. Firstly it will be a cold start with the risk of frost in rural locations but as our data suggests, there will be plenty of sunny spells across the region although as shown, there will be some cloud in the west and some of this may drift into the region now and again through the day. Again the temperatures dont stand out, remaining average but in the sunshine it wont feel all that bad, particularly with light winds around. Temperatures will remain between 10c to 12c, perhaps 13c popping up in a few spots.

As we mentioned earlier this drier spell wont last all that long, potentially the next area of low pressure pushing in next Tuesday but as ever we’ll keep you informed.


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