Changes On The Way But It Stays Cold!!!

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A blocking high pressure across Europe has gradually eased further east but will still influence our weather this weekend, although low pressure from the west is currently knocking on the door and will eventually push in through next week, bringing a spell of unsettled weather but along with it further cold weather.

Starting with this weekend and conditions will be largely dry across the region although that said there could well be a few spots of light rain or drizzle over higher routes in Cumbria and some areas of the Irish Sea coasts. Most areas should stay dry though but perhaps rather cloudy at times. Temperature wise it will stay cold and with the winds set to pick up through Saturday, the ‘feel like’ temperature could well be close to freezing for much of the day.

So into next week and low pressure starts to push in across the UK bringing a period of unsettled weather but along with it some fairly cold air which is quite usual from a W’ly flow although given the right conditions its certainly not impossible. The most notable feature next week is likely to be the wind. Often blustery from the NW and with cold air in place the wind chill factor will rarely get above 0c so please bear this in mind.

The GFS and ECMWF both agree on the upcoming pattern next week.

So with this cold air in place and the risk of precipitation the question will be snow. Yes it will be cold enough for snow at times although with the weather coming from the west, coastal areas may struggle to see snow. Further in land the risk becomes greater and in particular across the higher routes of the region most certainly. We’ll look into this risk further in the next few days and will update when the risk becomes more clear but the latest data certainly suggests a risk of wintry weather.

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